Review: Strictly Cabaret X

If there’s one thing I have missed during lockdown, it’s got to be the theatre. It always feels like such a treat to go out and watch a show. I think that the emotion, passion and excitement of a theatre production just cannot be replicated by anything else. Which is why I was so excited when New Theatre Royal Lincoln were looking for bloggers and journalists to review their new show Strictly Cabaret X – I just couldn’t resist!

The show

The show was just so fantastic. As soon as the music started up, I don’t think I was emotionally ready for the fact I was there. It had been 15 months since I last went to the theatre so it felt surreal that we were actually there and that theatres are back. It took everything for me not to cry through the first two songs and looking around, I think others felt the same too.

When it comes down to the actual show, the singing was fabulous. Ray Quinn was joined by the amazing Zoe Hanna May and Lucy Kane, to take the audience on a musical journey singing some of the best cabaret songs around, among others. I actually thought Ray Quinn was brilliant, he was very funny and had some banter going with the crowd which always brings something extra to theatre productions.

As for the dancers, they were incredible. I was absolutely in awe of Kristina Rihanoff’s talent and she truly shone when she was on stage. As someone with two left feet myself, I could only every dream to be as talented as the dancers in Strictly Cabaret X.

The performance ended with not only one, but two standing ovations, bringing the cast to tears. It was clear to see that after a long, tough year, it wasn’t just me who felt overwhelmed to be back surrounded by the joy and wonder of theatre.

Covid restrictions 

Now I wanted to touch on the restrictions. I know that for many, this is the boring bit, but it’s by no means less important. The whole theatre-going experience felt very safe and organised. 

When we arrived, depending on where you were seated, we entered through different entrances and at staggered time slots, which were emailed to us a couple of days before. Masks were worn at all times in the theatre, unless you were drinking and there were also plenty of sanitising stations to use. 

Unfortunately the bars are still closed, but you can preorder your drinks via email, pay over the phone and then they will be delivered right to your seat. The seating is all socially distanced, which means that the shows are limited capacity but it all definitely makes you feel comfortable and that the audience’s health and safety is a top priority – and if there’s an added bonus to this, at least you know you won’t be sat behind someone who is about 7 foot tall and blocking the view! 

Jack was happy to not have to queue for his prosecco!

I would highly recommend visiting the theatre now that they’re back open. With much of the theatres being threatened during the last year, they need us now, more than ever, to visit and support them. The arts are one of the true wonders of life, and without them, everything would be very boring.

Strictly Cabaret X is set to run for three more shows. You can find out more about upcoming performances at

So, what will you be going to see at the theatre? I’ve got my eye on ABBA Arrival coming to Lincoln in September!

Until next time,

Rebecca x

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A big thank you to Lincoln Bloggers and Ollie & The New Theatre Royal team for making this press visit possible.

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