Goodbye 2020

Wow. That’s it. A blink of an eye and 2020 is over. For a year so terrible, it’s gone surprisingly quickly. I’ll be the first to admit that this year just wasn’t great for anybody, but I do think some good has come out of it.

Throughout the year, we’ve managed to raise over £580 for various charities, including Breast Cancer Now, Macmillan Cancer Support, Concern UK and Sea Shepherd with your help. I’ve donated over 1000 stamps to Bransby Horses, through my own post and collecting from friends and family. Throughout the year myself and Jack have donated to numerous charities ourselves and taken part in other people’s fundraisers for charity. We climbed Snowdon for my 27th birthday. I had my first articles published in a real magazine! Through hard research and late nights, I finally managed to get enough research done on my family tree that it answered some long guarded secrets as to who my Great-Grandfather really was! I blogged more than ever. Me and Jack won an engagement photo shoot and got some beautiful shots that we’ll treasure forever. Amongst so many other great things. Thank you to everyone who has made our year fantastic, regardless of all the hard times 2020 has served up. I’m grateful for you all.

We wanted to do something a little fun and do a year in review blog post together, so here goes. I hope you enjoy!

The last sunset in Lincoln of 2020.

1. One Word to Describe the Year
Jack: Uncertain

Rebecca: Stuck

2. Best Thing You Did for Someone Else this Year
J: Refurbished a kitchen. This was a massive project and took a lot more time then I thought it would but I am so happy with the finished results.

R: I’d say the best thing I’ve done for someone else this year is the amount of time I’ve taken fundraising. I am to continue to be more charitable in 2021 and this year has felt so rewarding seeing my own personal donations and the funds I’ve helped to raise with everyone else’s support go to deserving charities.

3. Favourite Movie of the Year
J: It’s a Wonderful Life. Such a classic and it never gets old even though I watch it every year near Christmas.

R: That’s a tough one, as I’ve seen so many brilliant films this year and rewatched a lot of mu favourites, but I think the stand-out film that I watched this year was Jojo Rabbit. Absolutely fantastic, I’d recommend anyone to give it a watch.

4. Favourite Show of the Year
J: Stranger Things. I have watched all three series at least three times now and it still remains my favorite series.

R: This is a surprise to myself and I think if you really know me, it’ll be a surprise to you too. This year I loved watching I’m a Celebrity… We never watch it and this year it just felt special to be connected over a TV show, through tweeting about it online, chatting about it to people in person and voting along on the app, it was something I definitely needed this year.

5. Time You Laughed the Hardest this Year
J: It is hard to pick out a particular moment of this year whether it’s been laughing at silly things at work with friends or whether it’s silly jokes with Bex I feel like this year has been full of laughs and it’s so hard to pinpoint a single moment of 2020.

R: I’m finding it hard to pinpoint an exact moment, but the more time me and Jack have had to spend together, the sillier we get. I think ranting, joking and laughing are some of the highlights of this year for me. It’s those moments where you come out with something that makes no sense whatsoever and laugh about it for hours. They’ve been my favourite.

6. Something You Learned to Do
J: I think with being stuck indoors most of this year I have managed to learn a bit more about cooking and baking, during the start of the lock down I was baking muffins and bread and cakes. Something I don’t think I was very good at before.

R: I’ve been a lot more crafty this year and I’ve learnt how to make my own pom-pom earrings. I actually ended up making quite a few of these for Christmas gifts too. Now I’ve moved on to crochet, so we’ll see what gifts people end up with next year!

7. Most Newsworthy Event
J: I feel like not much has happened this year that is news worthy however myself and Bex have managed to raise some money for charity this year, I did sober for October and we also did a boxing day 5k among other things.

R: That would completely depend on what you think is newsworthy! I think for myself, my biggest event of this year is climbing Snowdon and it’s newsworthy because I’m not going to stop talking about it… until the next mountain!

8. Biggest Lesson Learned
J: I feel like this year I have learnt to appreciate my family and friends more. Being away from everyone and not being able to see them or hang out with them has been very difficult and I think that is definitely a lesson I will take away from this year and hopefully with the easing of restrictions next year I will act upon and make more of an effort with everyone I have missed this year.

R: I’ve learnt to let go. It’s a big thing that I started working on in 2019, but this year I’ve not got so attached to things. I’ve learnt to believe in myself a little more, although that still needs some work and I’ve learnt to set myself boundaries and say “no” when I don’t want to do something.

9. Favourite Place You Visited this Year
J: My favorite place I have visited this year has to be Wales, everywhere we went was so lovely and green and the people were all super friendly and helpful. It really is an amazing place that I would like to visit again and explore a bit more of.

R: My favourite place we’ve visited this year is Snowdonia. Out of everywhere in the UK I have visited so far, Snowdonia is a place I dream of living. It’s so beautiful and everyone is so friendly. I already can’t wait to go back.

10. An Achievement You are Proud of this Year
J: This year myself and Bex climed Snowdon, I never thought in my wildest dreams we would ever achieve something as amazing as this but we absolutely smashed it!

R: My achievement I am most proud of is my own self-improvement. I gave up smoking almost a year ago and I gave up drinking almost 9 months ago. This is a huge thing for me, it’s something I found difficult and some days I do still struggle but I am immensely proud of myself and I aim to continue this throughout 2021.

BONUS: What or Whom You are Most Thankful for this Year
J: This year I am most thankful for my amazing fiancee Rebecca, she has been an absolute diamond this year and helped me through bad times and hard times and kept me laughing all year round. I don’t know what I would do without her help this year.

R: I am most thankful for every single person who has helped me to grow this year, who hasn’t put pressure on me and who has been understanding when I’ve experienced hard and troubling times this year. Above all I’m thankful for Jack, my rock, who I couldn’t have survived 2020 without.

Myself and Jack wish you all a Happy New Year!

So, that’s it. We’ve had our last walk of the year and witnessed the last beautiful sunset of 2020. Now it’s time to cozy up in our pyjamas, get warm and eat a veggie feast.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Wishing you good health and happiness for 2021.

Until next year,

Rebecca x

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